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Posted by greeneggs4spam - June 8th, 2010

Larry And The Gnomes by Jazza, Moonkey, DavidOrr, GeoffEdwardsdotca, Kamikaye, and Zach Striefel


Here's a video of me killing all the bosses for those that are having trouble:
(The Boar Rider starts at 1:02, the Freak at 2:51, and the Gnome King at 3:43)

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General Tips For Bosses (As seen in video):
Just keep attacking him so he can't fire magic at him. Avoid the falling fireballs. Kill the shadow gnomes and one of them will drop health.

Boar Rider:
Go to the edge of the screen(top/bottom) of screen. When he starts coming at you, or a little before, move to the opposite edge (bottom/top) of screen so you dodge him. He'll throw a spear at you, you can move horizontally to dodge it but it does very little damage. Pick it up and throw it at him when he charges at you. Attack him while stunned. Jump just before the boar slams the ground after you attack it. Hit the bushes if you need health (each bush can give multiple orbs, but after the first time it takes more hits *fixed thanks to Mr-Contradiction*).

The Freak:
Stand still (or not) and pick up the fruit that hits you. Throw it at the Freak to make him eat it and attack him while he's eating. When he jumps go backwards a little so you have room to sprint jump over him when he charge at you. Rinse and repeat.

The Gnome King:
If you stand just below (or above) him near the inside of his belt buckle you can attack him and his attacks can't hit you. Just be sure to jump when he jumps, since it does a lot of damage. You can also jump to dodge the falling rocks although sometimes it's impossible to dodge them all. When/if you get low on health run back to the supplies room to get a pickup. I prefer to smash everything before the battle begins while being careful not to pick anything up, but it doesn't really matter.


General Tips:
- PLAY ON EASY. If you're going for medals then just play the game on easy, it's quite a bit easier (mainly due to bosses and traps) and playing on medium/hard doesn't give you any medals you can't get on easy. You do get more cheats if you beat it on hard, and the cheats are kind of cool; but you can't get medals with cheats enabled either.

-you can hit crates, urns, tumbleweed, and bushes to receive items. Urns are 1 hit, the rest are 3 (except if you use the sceptre of the king). Your first time through you should smash everything you see, but after that it can just slow the game down substantially.

- when fighting big gnomes/miners etc it's usually best to keep moving unless you are invulnerable from using rage or the unlimited health orb.

- There are 4 different weapon effects, poison, cold, fire, and power. Of these I think fire is the best since it adds immediate damage, cold is good if you are having trouble getting hit a lot since it slows enemies. Poison and power mostly just suck, although still better than the same weapon with no benefits.

- I like the large weapons the best, since even though you can't slash as fast, the slashes give knockback. Also you can stand on crates/small ledges/etc and still hit all the melee enemies without them hitting you. You can do this with a small weapon, but then you can only hit the big gnomes and miners.

- The cameo swords are probably the best weapons in the game (other than the sceptre of the kings), although any of them are fine for finishing the game imo. Some have special powers too, e.g. lightsaber attacks reflect magic, and frostmourne has the cold effect.

- If you're having trouble getting past traps, save your rage for them since you are invincible when you rage.


There's 1000 points in this game, and most of the non-secret medals you get automatically, so I'm just going to discuss medals you may not get if you don't try for them.

Accidental Archeologist (10 Points)
Discover ancient Skull Statues
Tips: Just destroy all the crates, urns, and tumbleweeds. A skull should pop out of one eventually.

Blood Lust (25 Points)
Sever 20 Gnome heads in a row
Easier way, Thanks to ctm222: Just play the first real level and jump attack everything. This will decapitate the gnomes when you kill them. Have to make sure to do the standing still jump attack and to attack while you're going up as opposed to when you're landing since the attacks are different.

My way: Do this by only hitting gnomes when you're enraged. I did it on the first level as seen in the video, but you can do it anywhere if you're having trouble in this spot.

/* */
Decapitation Retaliation (25 Points)
Kill an entire level of gnomes with the heads of other gnomes
Tips: Start a new game, and do the tutorial. When you face the group of gnomes after throwing your weapon let them hit you until you can go in a rage. Then rage and hit them, which will decapitate them. Grab a head by equipping it just as you would a weapon. Then start the first real level and kill everything using that head.

Mitten Hand Ninja (50 Points)
Kill an entire level of gnomes with nothing but your bare hands
Tips: Do this on the first level. Just throw you weapon (not at anybody) and proceed to punch the shit out of everything without picking up any weapons or anything.

Convenience Mining (100 Points)
Collect 15 Precious Gems
Tips: You need to collect 15 gems of doom. Note I think you can miss one or two, but after you hit 15 no more will spawn. You get one for each boss (*confirmed by LiquidOoze that the King drops one if you don't already have 15*), and the rest you get from smashing crates and such. If you smash everything you'll get it.

Sword Connoisseur and the 8 Secret Medals (375 Points Combined)
Find all of the 8 hidden Cameo Swords
Tips: See the video, this is in the 5th stage of the Act 3. You can also get swords in Act 4 stage 3 (*fixed thanks to EdyKel*).

/* */

Posted by greeneggs4spam - January 20th, 2010

Punk-o-matic 2 by Evil-Dog Guide:


Also check out the in-game achievement guide by Wylo\Wylina

Figure it's my time to help out. This game is tedious if you play it the way it was meant to be played, and it's still tedious with this guide - but somewhat less so.

About the Lag:
According to some people the following help with the awful lag:
-playing in pop-up mode
-turning quality to low
-turning animation off
-turning off concert lights

However none of them worked for me, and my computer can play crysis. Not sure what's going on, but the lag makes me miss a note every once in a while no matter what I do. Oh well.

How to get the Medals:
You'll have two basic songs, one for the streak medals, and then your main one for all the rest of the medals (not counting the covers medals). Copy and paste these songs into the "load data" section. Then click "go to composition list" and click and empty line and save your song. For the short song, change just the name and save it again, and then one more time - so that you have three copies of the song (you only need one copy of the long song).

long song:

(long)anananananananananananananananan ananananananananananananananananananan ananananananananananananananananananan ananananananananananananananananananan ananananananananananananananananananan ananananananananananananananananananan ananananananananananananananananananan ananananananananananananananananananan ananananananananananananananananananan ananananananananananananananananananan ananananananananananananananananananan ananananananananananananananananananan ananananananananananananananananananan ananananananan!!-Z-Z-Z-F,-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-

short song:

!-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-h,-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-x ,-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-x,-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-x

alternate short song - play on Guitar 1 insane. Thanks to Urrad:

(G1)-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-x,apapapapapapapa papapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapa papapap!!-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-S,-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z -Z-Z-x,-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-x

These songs are just the drum playing "fast inverted B #1" over and over again for only one beat (15 times for the short song and 251 times for the long song), where each beat has two notes. The short song will stop after 30 notes, and the long song will stop after 502. I prefer to play with player 2 and this means just pressing 9 and 5 over and over again. It's up to you if you want to spice these songs up with other tracks so they aren't as boring to play. You can also choose a different riff to repeat or instrument to use, this is just what I used.

After you have these songs saved go to the garage, click on the "go to compos" button at the bottom of the paper and then click your long song. Then play it (always with drum on easy) and get the 500 note streak, if lag makes you miss a note then play it again until you get it. This gets you the streak medals, and you're done with the long song forever!

Next play a concert with your three short songs. Do this until you get perfect on all three to get the perfectionist medals, now you only have to play 1 song a concert!

Now play concerts and the garage until it sells out, then move to the bar until it sells out, then move to the concert hall until it sells out, then to the theatre, then the stadium, and finally the park! Then play 40+ more concerts at the park until it sells out and you get the writing history medal... You should have all 100 items by this point (you get them for throwing a perfect or awesome concert), but if not play a few more concerts until you get them all.

It's not glorious, but imagine how bad this would be if all your songs were more than 15 seconds.

At this point you'll have almost all the medals; you'll just be missing the cover medals. You earn these by going to the different venues and watching the concerts of different bands you don't have. Unfortunately I don't know any tricks for this, except most of the songs seem to be easiest if you play them with bass. Good luck! Stay away from drums and never play on a harder difficulty than you have to.

That's all folks! Now never play this game (at least concert mode) ever again!

List of Medals:

Cover Band
Worth: 50 points
Description: Learn 30 covers!

Crazy Gig
Worth: 10 points
Description: Play a sold-out concert at the concert hall! From The Best

Worth: 10 points
Description: Learn 5 covers!

Full Bar
Worth: 10 points
Description: Play a sold-out concert at the bar!

Grand Night
Worth: 25 points
Description: Play a sold-out concert at the theater!

Worth: 25 points
Description: Learn 15 covers!

Worth: 5 points
Description: Learn 1 cover!

Junk Amateur
Worth: 10 points
Description: Collect 25 stage items!

Junk Collector
Worth: 50 points
Description: Collect 100 stage items!

Junk Hunter
Worth: 25 points
Description: Collect 50 stage items!

Junk Keeper
Worth: 5 points
Description: Collect 10 stage items!

Local Punker
Worth: 10 points
Description: Play a good concert at the bar!

New Comer
Worth: 5 points
Description: Play a good concert at the garage!

Perfectionist I
Worth: 5 points
Description: Play a perfect song during a concert!

Perfectionist II
Worth: 10 points
Description: Play 2 perfect songs during a concert!

Perfectionist III
Worth: 25 points
Description: Play 3 perfect songs during a concert!

Worth: 10 points
Description: Play a sold-out concert at the garage!

Punk Legend
Worth: 50 points
Description: Play a good concert at the park!

Rising Star
Worth: 10 points
Description: Play a good concert at the theater!

Rocking The World
Worth: 25 points
Description: Play a sold-out concert at the stadium!

Serious Player
Worth: 10 points
Description: Play a good concert at the concert hall!

Shining Star
Worth: 25 points
Description: Play a good concert at the stadium!

Streak Apprentice
Worth: 10 points
Description: Do a 250 notes streak!

Streak Master
Worth: 25 points
Description: Do a 500 notes streak!

Streak Novice
Worth: 5 points
Description: Do a 100 notes streak!

Writing History
Worth: 50 points
Description: Play a sold-out concert at the park!