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looks good, man.

And that's stage 3, act 4, you can do the same trick to get all the special weapons ( you have it down as act 3, not act 4.;)


Thanks, the sword and the Blood lust thing helped a lot!! :)

The king also leaves a gem of doom. And you're not allowd to skip them. I skipped some crates once, they were next to each other, and ended up with 14 gems.

When I played through the first time I accidentally skipped one. It was the one that drops from killing the gnome mage boss. I killed him all the way on the right and as soon as he died I exited the stage automatically and couldn't pick up the gem even though I walked through it. I still managed to get 15 though and that was even without the one from the gnome king; but I smashed absolutely everything. It may be semi-random too.

Does anyone know where the 8 swords "really" load? Do all 8 show up? I found the lightsabre at the first drop (the one in your video), and Frostmourne at the second drop, but I'm wondering if there's a more legitimate way to get the other 6?

those are the only spots. To get all 8 you need to replay the game multiple times. You can only get 2 per run-through the legitimate way. That's why the medals give so many points.

Duh! I feel dumb now! Thanks much!

For the Boar Boss, you can get multiple health orbs/rage orbs/super health orbs if you whack the bush lots. Takes about 5 hits for another item to drop, and there will never be two items from one bush on the screen at the same time. This works for any of the bushes.

this was pretty helpful

Actually, there is another spot to get the special swords. It's in the mines in the trampoline spot. I got the lightsaber there. Its a pain to land on the small platforms though.

I'm still confused about the bloodlust medal. In the video, u didn't even kill 20 knome heads in a row! U killed twenty gnomes at totally different times! Is it because by "sever 20 gnome heads in a row", they mean sever them at different times?

the streak has to do with severing the heads of the gnomes you kill. So the thing that resets the streak is killing a gnome without severing his head. So you can kill other enemies or take a short break in between gnome killing (it says 'in a row', not 'at the same time') without interrupting your beheading-streak. It probably has to be done all in one level, but I'm not 100% sure.

You're probably better off doing the jump attack way if you're having trouble.

You can try the Enrage-only way of getting Blood Lust in a level with the sharp tumbleweeds and the little bushes which you hit to get unlimited amounts of health, um, dot-things; unlimited amounts of red jawbreakers.

i didn't eve know there was a lightsaber!

Thanks to you!

Tyvm dude for this guide!It really helped alot! :D Now i have all the medals of this game :D

In order to get all the cameo swords in one go, play 5th stage of the Act 3, get the sword, exit to the main menu. Then continue your old game, you start right from that stage, and usually there will be a different cameo sword at the same place. If you see no sword, exit to main menu and continue, again. Fast, hassle-free. No need of playing through 4-5 times.

Holy shit i dont picked sword i just wanted walktrough and now i see that fucking swords video CRAPPP

h3ppy us0r of the day